How to fix a dog ………..

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Hi Dear Friends, I have a great heart-warming tale for you today. It’s the story of how we fix a dog.

Several months ago now a new dog called Peder arrived to join us dogs in the shelter. The poor boy was in a terrible state; he was very scared, very quiet, and he looked horrible. After our kind vet Aynur had seen him she said that he had something called mange and leishmaniasis. He was also very very skinny.

Our human friend Sina told us that leishmaniasis was a terrible disease that is caused by a tiny sand fly that you cannot see and it is very difficult to prevent and although the symptoms can be treated it is incurable and the animal with the disease has to be carefully monitored and looked after for all of its life.

Sina said that leishmaniasis is spreading amongst many animals all around a thing called ‘the Mediterranean coast’. I have no idea what that is but apparently it is a thing called blue and it is very wet and humans like swimming in it. If leishmaniasis is not treated then the poor dog will certainly die a very nasty death.

Mange is a horrible skin disease caused by parasitic mites, they sound yuch!

Apparently the leishmaniasis and mange showed that Peder had been very badly looked after by his humans before he came to the shelter.

Anyway Sina and her helpers looked after Peder very carefully and gave him lots of medicine and guess what? He is a new dog!

My human friends said those words again about Peder’s medicine …….. what is it again ….. I remember now ……. ‘Very Expensive’


Peder on arrival at the shelter.

Peder today …… a new dog.

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Oh no the donkeys got a lump!

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Dinkey Our Lovely Donkey

Laying Dinkey Down

Caring For Dinkey

Arrrgghhh There’s The Hole

You may remember the excitement when we had a new different kind of animal called a donkey when it was rescued from the middle of the D400, a very busy motorway going through Gocek.

Well we had a bit of a scare last week when Hilly, the kind lady who looks after Dinky the donkey, called Peter to say the donkey had a big lump on its side. Hilly said she thought it was a thing called a hernia, which apparently is a terrible, terrible thing where a bit of your tummy tries to come outside. Can you believe it? It made me and several of my dog friends at the shelter feel quite ill, we had to go and lie down for a bit to recover.

Anyway Peter called Sina, who called Murat, who called a special thing called a Donkey Vet that is supposed to be good at fixing up Donkeys.

The next day everyone went to Hilly’s place high up in the mountains above us and the thing called a Donkey Vet came too. You will never guess what he did next? He shaved Dinkey the Donkey. We thought she was going to get something called an operation not a haircut and a shave, what were they thinking of?

But then it got very scary indeed. They tied lots of ropes around Dinkey’s legs and they made her fall over onto a nice soft duvet. Sina and Murat sat on her to keep her still and Hilly stroked her head to make her feel better. Then, and this bit makes me feel ill again, the Donkey Vet took something called a scalpel and cut a hole in Dinkey! He said he found a tear in her cartilage which was probably caused by Dinkey rolling about on a stone or a rock. What a silly donkey! Next the Donkey Vet sewed the hole back up with a needle and thread, Peter wondered if the Donkey Vet could sew up holes in socks, he would probably be quite good at it.

Next thing Dinkey felt a bit better and everyone helped her to stand up again. Hilly says that she is still in some pain but Sina has arranged for some special pain killers which are something called ‘very expensive’

Peter said that all of these things are needed to keep the Dinkey in good shape and he wondered if any of our kind friends would like to so something called ‘sponsoring’ to help look after Dinkey in her lovely new home high in the mountains.

I am still feeling a bit ill from all of this, and so are my friends so we need to lie down again for a bit.


The Dog Wanted To Watch

The Cat Didn’t

All Better Now

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