How unlucky Lucky became lucky again

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Video showing the amazing surgery on Lucky’s leg

The rescue is on!

Hi Friends

This is the story of a sweet, funny and friendly dog called Lucky. Lucky lived on the streets in our local town. Lucky made many friends and even though he had owners he was mainly taken care of by the kind people in the cafes, restaurants and on the streets.

One day Lucky was shot in the leg with a gun. My human friends at the shelter and in the town did not know who did this or why it was done but they all came to his rescue and took poor Lucky to the vets for surgery and recovery. Lucky’s owners did not seem to care and would not pay for Lucky’s vet bills at first, but were eventually persuaded to pay by some of my caring humans from the shelter and the town.

Lucky hobbled a lot with his poorly leg for some time but eventually he returned to his previous life enjoying the company of his dog and human friends in the town. Despite his experience he remained a happy friendly dog very eager for affection and friendship.

A few weeks ago, some of our humans discovered that Lucky had been dumped on a local beach many kilometres away and left alone to fend for himself, begging for scraps of food from the few tourists there and with nowhere to shelter. My humans came to his rescue and took him back to the town to resume his former life. Unbelievably Lucky was found dumped again on the same beach a few days later, so my human friends decided that enough was enough and Lucky needed the care of my dog friends and my humans at the shelter. He went to the vet first to be checked out and treated for any problems. He is with us now as bouncy and friendly as ever, what a great new friend.

We dogs cannot understand how some humans can be so cruel when all we want to do is love the humans and make them happy.

In the end things have turned out well for Lucky, he will be sheltered, fed, and cared for and who knows, one day maybe he will get a new home with some loving human friends. Let’s hope.

If you would like to sponsor Lucky or you are a local family who would like to foster him then please contact us

Love from Billy

Video – On the mend but hobbling at the vets

Away from the deserted beach and back to town

Our new friend Lucky safe and sound with us at the shelter

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Super Yacht to the Rescue

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The Crew and Helpers

Lots of Walking

Hi Friends

I must tell you all about a fantastic thing that happened at the shelter the other day.

A lot of wonderful new human friends came to visit us. They are something called a crew (I don’t know what that is) from something called a Super Yacht (I don’t know what that is either but it has something to do with water). There were 10 of them and something called a captain.

They all love us dogs and they came to take around 100 of us for such a fun time having walks along our beautiful mountain trails around the shelter. They are such kind human friends and they also brought us lots of medicine and bedding to help keep us healthy and warm during the winter.

We had such a good time playing and walking with the crew and the captain that we had to have a long sleep afterwards.

My human friends at the shelter say that the crew are going to be staying in Gocek for some time so they will be coming to visit us again, we dogs can’t wait for that day to come.

If any of you friends that read my blog or anyone else wants to come dog walking in our beautiful place then please send me an email at My human friends at the shelter will arrange everything for you and help you on the walks. Our shelter is a very friendly place and we will all make you very welcome.

Love from Billy

And More Walking

Dogs and Walkers Resting

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