How unlucky Lucky became lucky again

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Video showing the amazing surgery on Lucky’s leg

The rescue is on!

Hi Friends

This is the story of a sweet, funny and friendly dog called Lucky. Lucky lived on the streets in our local town. Lucky made many friends and even though he had owners he was mainly taken care of by the kind people in the cafes, restaurants and on the streets.

One day Lucky was shot in the leg with a gun. My human friends at the shelter and in the town did not know who did this or why it was done but they all came to his rescue and took poor Lucky to the vets for surgery and recovery. Lucky’s owners did not seem to care and would not pay for Lucky’s vet bills at first, but were eventually persuaded to pay by some of my caring humans from the shelter and the town.

Lucky hobbled a lot with his poorly leg for some time but eventually he returned to his previous life enjoying the company of his dog and human friends in the town. Despite his experience he remained a happy friendly dog very eager for affection and friendship.

A few weeks ago, some of our humans discovered that Lucky had been dumped on a local beach many kilometres away and left alone to fend for himself, begging for scraps of food from the few tourists there and with nowhere to shelter. My humans came to his rescue and took him back to the town to resume his former life. Unbelievably Lucky was found dumped again on the same beach a few days later, so my human friends decided that enough was enough and Lucky needed the care of my dog friends and my humans at the shelter. He went to the vet first to be checked out and treated for any problems. He is with us now as bouncy and friendly as ever, what a great new friend.

We dogs cannot understand how some humans can be so cruel when all we want to do is love the humans and make them happy.

In the end things have turned out well for Lucky, he will be sheltered, fed, and cared for and who knows, one day maybe he will get a new home with some loving human friends. Let’s hope.

If you would like to sponsor Lucky or you are a local family who would like to foster him then please contact us

Love from Billy

Video – On the mend but hobbling at the vets

Away from the deserted beach and back to town

Our new friend Lucky safe and sound with us at the shelter

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What a lucky dog he is

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Welcome my friends I have not been able to write my blog on the computer for some time because my paws are getting very creaky these days and I can’t manage the keyboard so well, but more about that later.

This dog is called Karabortlen, one of our new friends that came to us at the shelter quite recently. As you can see from the pictures the poor dog had such terrible mange that his fur was almost completely gone.

He came to our caring vet, Aynur who did a great job with Sina’s help giving him lots of special medicine to start making him into a proper dog with fur again. Although he is now with us in the shelter he is still being given a lot of very expensive medication to make him into a perfect brand new dog. If you could help us with a small donation we would all be so grateful.

Karabortlen is such a lovely dog considering all of the terrible treatment that he received from bad humans, we are all amazed that he is now such an affectionate happy dog that loves to meet us dogs and humans too.

Back to my creaky paws again. I am afraid to say that I am getting quite old now and I cannot do as much as I could. I keep falling over and my bones are very creaky. Don’t worry as all my kind human friends look after me very well and I get pain killers which fix me up pretty well.

It is very hot here at the moment but I can lie in the shade with lots of cool water to drink. I think I prefer the sun to all of the terrible rain that my human friends have had in a place called Europe.

Bye for now.





Love from Akkus

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How the lucky dog got even luckier

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You will remember my friends the story I told you last time of Sevda the poor dog who was so badly stuck in tar that she could not move and had to be rescued and cleaned up by kind humans.

As you know after that terrible experience she spent some time getting better in our shelter then she was lucky enough to fly to Germany in the search for a new home. We have just heard fantastic news that she has now found her forever home with kind humans to look after her for the rest of her life. Isn’t that good?

See her in the video below playing with toys in her new garden, and a picture of her in her new bed, doesn’t she look happy?

By the way I know that a lot of you have asked about the poor tortoises that were stuck in the tar with Sevda. They were all taken to a special hospital to be cared for but sadly two of them were too badly injured to survive. Happily I am pleased to say that the other three are alive and well.





Love from Akkus

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How a very unlucky dog turned into a very lucky dog

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Today’s story starts in a very bad way with a poor friend of mine called Sevda.

Sevda and some tortoise friends of hers were found by lots of human friends stuck in a big pile of sticky black stuff called tar. I don’t know what tar is but my human friends at the shelter say they make something called roads with it. Poor Sevda could not move because the tar was so sticky and she had to be dug out by a big noisy thing called a digger. Then humans were bashing all around her with axes and spades to help her escape. She must have been very very scared. Watch the video below to see how she was dug out.






When she had been dug out she was still stuck in lots of the tar so she was taken to our lovely vet called Aynur who spent a lot of time with her helpers cleaning and freeing poor Sevda. These are some pictures and a video of her being cleaned up.






Once they had fixed her up she looked like she had been pulled through a forest backwards and stuffed in a washing machine but she was free and healthy as this picture shows her with us just afterward in the shelter.

Many weeks passed of her having loving care from my human friends and look what a lovely beautiful dog she turned out to be.

The German association Glücksfelle e.V and their supporting friends, supported Sevda’s treatment by collecting donations for her. Thank you so much on behalf of Sevda and all of her human friends in Gocek to Glucksfelle e.V and friends.






Now the best part of the story begins because Sevda is flying in a big noisy fast thing called an aeroplane to meet her new foster parents in Germany. Isn’t that good? Here is a video of Sevda walking in the airport on her way, she looks as if she has been calmly travelling through airports all her life.





That my friends is how a very unlucky dog turned into a very lucky dog.

Love from Akkus

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Happy Christmas And New Year

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Dear Friends,

My human friend Peter has been telling me all about a thing called Christmas. Apparently there is a  human called Father Christmas (Saint Nicholas) who originally came from a place called Patara which is 98 kilometres away from us here in Gocek. Now this Father Christmas is a very special person because he brings something called presents to everyone in a place called ‘The World’ on a very special night called Christmas Eve. Imagine that, he must be very busy or that must be an especially long night.

Anyway my human friend Peter said that if you write Father Christmas a letter telling him what presents you need then if you are lucky the Father Christmas will bring them to you on the special night.

So here is my letter that I have sent to Father Christmas.

“Dear Father Christmas,

My name is Akkus and I am a dog from a place called Tasbasi near Gocek in Turkey (near Patara). Dogs are hairy things with four legs and a tail and we bark but love all of our human friends more than ourselves. Unfortunately some of us have been badly treated and 250 of us are all living together in a nice place called a shelter. My human friends said that if I wrote you a list of things we need you might be able to help us out, so here goes.

  • Medicines.
  • Nice dry kennels for us to sleep in when it’s raining hard and the ground is all wet.
  • Money for Aynur our vet friend for when we get sore tummies, she has to eat too.
  • Food for when we get hungry tummies.
  • Money for things that need fixing like our well that broke the other day and we had no water.
  • No more natural disasters like floods or firestorms.
  • A nice new home living with kind human friends.
  • No more humans being cruel to animals.

I hope that there are not too many things on the list and that you can help us out at Christmas time.

Love from Akkus

PS My human friend Peter said to tell you that we have all been very good dogs and none of us are naughty”

Lets hope it works dear friends and let me just wish you and all of our human friends a Very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from all of the dogs in our shelter.

Love From Akkus

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This week a new human friend comes to visit me from far far away

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Volkan and me together

Volkan helping at the airport

Hello my friends, I have been having a great time with a new friend called Volkan who came to visit me and all of my dog friends from a place called Holland. I have heard of Holland before because lots of my dog friends get told they are going to something called new homes in the place called Holland. Volkan tells me Holland is great and he has lived there all of his life. I don’t think that I will go to Holland  because I am very old and I have lived here happily in the shelter for a long time.

Volkan told me a nice but sad story. He once had a Turkish dog called Dunya who he took to Holland from the streets of Turkey and Dunya lived with him for all of his life and made Volkan very happy. Regrettably one day poor Dunya suddenly passed away which made Volkan very sad. Volkan missed Dunya very much and one night he had a dream in which Dunya was asking for his help so when Volkan awoke he decided he was going to find a way of helping dogs like Dunya in Turkey.

Volkan found out about our shelter on something called the internet and sent us something called an email asking if he could come to help my friends and I. Everyone said ‘yes of course’ so he flew in a noisy thing called a plane a great distance and here he is with us at the shelter.

Volkan spends his days with us dogs here in the shelter cleaning and tidying and taking us for walks. One day he helped to catch a poor Mummy dog who was lost with her two puppies. He also spent one evening helping Sina and Grace taking dogs to the airport. Volkan is a great friend to us and after he has to go back to Holland to do something called work he has promised to come back to help us again in the Spring.

What a nice man!


Rescued Puppy 1

Volkan the rescuer

Rescued Puppy 2

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An Everyday Story From Our Shelter

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This my friends, is a story that is very familiar to us all, week in and week out, at the shelter. It is a story of how bad my human friends can be but also the goodness that comes from many of them and helps all of us dogs to continue to have faith in them as our friends.

This is one of our new dogs called Dostum which means ‘your friend’ in Turkish. He was dumped as if he were a piece of rubbish in a most terrible condition. He was covered in what are called ticks and fleas which we are told can kill us dogs in a very horrible way.

Dostum was probably only fed on something called stale bread if he was lucky. My friends and I don’t know what stale bread is but apparently bad humans give it to their dogs all of the time. Can you believe that?

Anyway Sina took Dostum to our very kind friend Aynur the vet, who fixes us when we have pains in our tummies and stops us getting things called things called coughs and diseases. Aynur was very shocked at how bad Dostum was so she gave him what is called a ‘big shave’ and got rid of all the nasty ticks and fleas. She also fixed some bad wounds that he had on his body. He looks a bit different now but at least he is eating. Aynur says he has something called anaemia and has to be on something called a drip until he is better.

Dostum is now doing  much better and a very kind human who came and saw how badly treated he had been has very kindly offered him a nice new home with some other dogs who have also had a bad time.

Now for an everyday story in our lives at the shelter that started so badly, isn’t that a nice ending?


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Happy Friends

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We have some very happy news at the shelter. We heard today that two of our best friends have flown to Germany and are enjoying a very happy life in a new home. Marti and Puffin are both big very handsome dogs and lots of the girl dogs here thought they looked very nice.

Poor Marti had quite a sad time before he came to live with us here in the shelter, he was living outside in a mountain village near the shelter. His owners did not love him and they told my human friends at the shelter to come and capture him because they would shoot poor Marti with a horrible thing called a gun. They said he was stealing eggs but we know this was not true because our human friends saw that all of the chickens were inside hen houses which were locked up. The horrible people probably just didn’t want poor Marti any more.

It took our human friends quite a long time to catch Marti as he was scared and kept running up the mountain to escape. When Marti got to the shelter he was very very frightened and although he made lots of friends here he was always quite shy.

Puffin had a sad story too.

Anyway the nice humans who are looking after Marti and Puffin now sent us this wonderful wonderful video of Marti and Puffin playing together. Look how happy they are, they look like silly puppies not great big boys. All of us at the shelter  are all so pleased for them.



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Ouch Ouch Ouch!

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Guess what happened today? We all got something called vaccinated!

Nearly all of our human friends were here! Murat, Imdat, Selman, Sina, Peter and an extra special surprise we saw Aynur and Sila the kind humans who make our tummies better when they ache.

‘Vaccinated’ stops us having tummies that ache so we are very happy about that. According to Aynur she vaccinated 162 of us dogs today; unbelievable!

Only problem is that when you get ‘vaccinated’ it hurts 🙁 ouch!


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