Its been terrible! Today we had a big upset. One of my friends called Drake got into a fight and guess what? His ear nearly fell off. There was such a fuss all of my friends in the shelter were running around and barking like crazy because they were so upset. Selman stopped the fight, picked up poor Drake and rushed with him to show Sina and the other men who look after us. They were shocked, ‘what shall we do?’ they said. Imdat said ‘lets try superglue’. ‘Maybe not’ said Sina. ‘Lets get a sewing machine’ said Murat. ‘Maybe not’ said Sina. ‘I know we’ll ask Aynur the vet’ said Sina. Aynur said ‘bring Drake to me’.

Well a couple of hours later Sina came back with Drake and it was a miracle. According to Sina Aynur sewed Drake’s ear back on and its nearly as good as new. Drakes really happy his ear is fixed now and has promised he is going to stay out of trouble from now on. Mind you it’s quite a mystery because Drake is such a kind, gentle, loving dog that we are all a bit puzzled as to how it all happened. Still with 230 of us all together we argue and fight sometimes but probably a lot less than 230 humans would do.


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