Oh dear we are so frightened!

We just had something called a terrible storm. There was white stuff called hail and ice and the rain came down like a river was rushing into our kennels. There were big scary flashes all across the sky as though the sun was exploding and then the biggest loudest bangs we have ever heard. I just lay down and hid next to my good friends Sinbad and Aladdin at the back of our kennel. We kept our paws over our ears and shut our eyes but the the bad stuff would not go away.

We are wet and have very cold paws. All of the men are rushing around to clear up for us, they are cutting down the sunshades because they are full of ice and falling on our heads.

I thought we lived in a hot country? Maybe not?

Our human friend Christine said we need €1000 just to fix up the shelter as it should be so that we are all safe and comfortable, can you help us?


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