The firestorm is coming

Get ready and fast

Quick as you can

Cars, Vans, and Trucks travel through the night

I am Akkus one of the oldest members of the dog shelter, I am mascot and the reporter of all news.

On a day called Wednesday as the big orange thing in the sky was going to sleep all us dogs noticed a very strange and strong scent in our noses. Then the sky started to go very dark.

All of a sudden all of our human friends that we see every day came to the shelter in their noisy things called cars all at the same time. Something very strange was happening but we didn’t know what. We don’t like strange things we don’t know and we started to get very scared. Then we heard a clicking sound above our heads and one of my clever dog friends said it was a very scary thing called a helicopter.

Then our human friends all came into the shelter and they were running all over the place getting all the dog boxes and putting them on the ground near the gate. They said there was a thing called a firestorm coming and we all had to get out fast!

Then more and more and more humans came in things called trucks and vans. Some of the humans said they made it through the fire before the forest road was closed by humans called policemen and firemen.

Our human friends came into our kennels and took us one by one out to the boxes. They were being very fast, running like the wind, and tying our collars with things that were called ropes and torn up sheets. We were all getting more and more scared but we trust our human friends so we were very good and went quietly with them. They put us in cars and vans and trucks and we went fast through the night over the mountains where the road was still open.

Then we came to a funny place called a football stadium and we were all so scared and tired we went to sleep with our human friends giving us water and watching over us during the night.

In the morning we woke in a very strange place. It has something called grass, it is a colour called green and it feels nice on your feet. We like it. Guess what? We were told that there were 100 of us dogs all in the same place and all together, no kennels, just all my friends and I on the grass together. We tried to be good but one or two of us got a bit cross and grumpy but mostly we were all very good and kind and calm.

Our human friends worried for two days that our shelter would be burned down but now they tell us it may be OK and we hope we can go home soon even though we like the green stuff called grass.

The friends rescued all of my 250 friends in something called two and a half hours and I think they did a good job, we are all safe and well.

Although we dogs are safe we have been told that the environment near our shelter is badly damaged and many of our little wildlife friends have died. This makes us very sad.

It costs a lot of money for us dogs to be staying in many dog hotels, clinics, and many other places; not just the football stadium. The humans say we need lots of money to help with this terrible disaster, we may have to stay away from the shelter for many days.

Can you help us please?

Love from Akkus

It’s a bit hot in this stadium

Human friends looking after us in the stadium

This is me Akkus with some of my friends

What’s this green stuff we are running on?

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