Hey human friends. You will remember me telling you about the seven or eight puppies in the forest the other day. Well I could only count seven puppies in the video and we wondered where puppy number eight might be hiding.

Well we think the answer is that she is hiding in the house of my human friends Grace and Peter.

She was found in the forest all on her own by someone who knew nothing about the other seven puppies. We think she wandered away from her family and got lost. When she was found she was taken to the vet who thought she had been wandering in the forest without food for about 10 days. She was in a terrible state covered in ticks and fleas and she was very hungry and thirsty.

Now she is living in a nice warm dry house and she has a dog friend called Findik who she plays with all day and much of the night, only resting for some tasty treats now and again.

Isn’t she pretty? Now all my human friends have to do is catch the other seven and get them safe as soon as they can.

All these puppies are costing us a great deal of that stuff called money. Please help us now by donating if you can.

Thank you and love from Akkus


Love from Akkus

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