Nearly 6 months ago one of my little Beagle friends called Bijou flew to Germany to start a new life with a new Mummy and Daddy.

Not long after she arrived in her new home in St Andreasberg Bijou managed to escape and began an incredible journey across Germany and Holland living on her own sleeping rough and foraging for food and water.

She was spotted many times by many people and the word went out near and far on social media with people posting hundreds of flyers to try and find her.

During this time many people have been involved in the search for her including dedicated teams in Germany (Tieroase Birkenschold e.v. Wagenfeld and Hundesuchhilfe Ostfriesland) and Holland (Honden Zoekgroep Noord Nederland).

The rescue teams got very close to catching her several times with their traps but Bijou managed to escape every time. So many people were desperate for good news about Bijou.

Then a few days ago we had bad news that someone thought Bijou had been hit by a car.

Today, dear human friends, we had the best possible news, Bijou had been caught in Rastede near Oldenburg in Germany. She seems to be well from her photographs but we will know more soon.

Love from Akkus




Love from Akkus

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