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And Now Puppies In The Forest

By |2020-08-03T16:41:53+03:00August 3rd, 2020|dog rescue, gocek animal rescue, pups, rescue, shelter|

Hello my friends, you will remember I was telling you last time about how many puppies we had in the shelter and that we have 55 under 8 months old.

Well from today we have 6 more making 61 and you will never guess what has happened now?

Somebody has discovered a family of very young puppies and their mummy living in the forest up the mountain near us.

My human friend Sina has been hunting for them for some time now. Eventually she discovered them and she goes to give them food and water every day. They are very timid and Sina has to be very gentle and patient before they will come out from the trees and bushes.

It will take some time and be quite difficult for my human friends to catch them so that we can care for them at the shelter.

Sina thinks there are eight of them but I can only count seven in the video, what do you think?

Is the other one hiding somewhere I wonder?


Love from Akkus

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Everyone loves a puppy ………….. but you can have too much of a good thing!

By |2020-07-09T13:33:19+03:00July 9th, 2020|dog rescue, gocek animal rescue, pups, re-homed, rescue, shelter|

Hello friends,

My human friends tell me that the world (whatever that is) is having a big problem with something called a virus. I don’t know what a virus is but apparently it makes humans sick and lots of them have had to go and see their human vets to get better.

One of the things that us dogs in the shelter have noticed is that there are a lot more dogs and particularly puppies around here than there used to be. This virus thing has stopped lots of my friends going to new mummies and daddies in places called Germany and Holland because the aeroplanes have not been flying.

If I tell you that our shelter was built for 170 dogs and now we have 310 and of the 310 we have 55 puppies under 8 months old.

These puppies may look very nice and cuddly and sweet, which they are of course, but they do take a lot more care from us dogs and humans.

They have to have special rooms to live in so that they are safe and they have to have special food which has a strange name called ‘very expensive’. We are always falling over them and they go to the toilet far too often which takes a lot of cleaning and polishing to make things nice for us all. Because they are babies they get sick more often and have to go and see Aynur the vet to get better. They cannot drink our well water so they have to have special bottled water like my human friends do.

The humans tell me that all these extra dogs and especially the puppies are costing us a lot more of something called money which is apparently very important to keep the shelter going but I have no idea what a ‘money’ is?

My human friends have asked me to ask you all if you can give the shelter some of this money stuff to help us through this difficult time at my shelter. Please help, here is something called a ‘donate button’ and you have to press it to help us out.

Please press it now.

Love from Akkus

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Happy Christmas And New Year

By |2019-12-21T16:58:12+03:00December 21st, 2019|dog rescue, gocek animal rescue, rescue, shelter, vet|

Dear Friends,

My human friend Peter has been telling me all about a thing called Christmas. Apparently there is a  human called Father Christmas (Saint Nicholas) who originally came from a place called Patara which is 98 kilometres away from us here in Gocek. Now this Father Christmas is a very special person because he brings something called presents to everyone in a place called ‘The World’ on a very special night called Christmas Eve. Imagine that, he must be very busy or that must be an especially long night.

Anyway my human friend Peter said that if you write Father Christmas a letter telling him what presents you need then if you are lucky the Father Christmas will bring them to you on the special night.

So here is my letter that I have sent to Father Christmas.

“Dear Father Christmas,

My name is Akkus and I am a dog from a place called Tasbasi near Gocek in Turkey (near Patara). Dogs are hairy things with four legs and a tail and we bark but love all of our human friends more than ourselves. Unfortunately some of us have been badly treated and 250 of us are all living together in a nice place called a shelter. My human friends said that if I wrote you a list of things we need you might be able to help us out, so here goes.

  • Medicines.
  • Nice dry kennels for us to sleep in when it’s raining hard and the ground is all wet.
  • Money for Aynur our vet friend for when we get sore tummies, she has to eat too.
  • Food for when we get hungry tummies.
  • Money for things that need fixing like our well that broke the other day and we had no water.
  • No more natural disasters like floods or firestorms.
  • A nice new home living with kind human friends.
  • No more humans being cruel to animals.

I hope that there are not too many things on the list and that you can help us out at Christmas time.

Love from Akkus

PS My human friend Peter said to tell you that we have all been very good dogs and none of us are naughty”

Lets hope it works dear friends and let me just wish you and all of our human friends a Very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from all of the dogs in our shelter.

Love From Akkus

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This week a new human friend comes to visit me from far far away

By |2019-10-23T19:14:04+03:00October 23rd, 2019|dog rescue, gocek animal rescue, rescue, shelter, vet|

Volkan and me together

Volkan helping at the airport

Hello my friends, I have been having a great time with a new friend called Volkan who came to visit me and all of my dog friends from a place called Holland. I have heard of Holland before because lots of my dog friends get told they are going to something called new homes in the place called Holland. Volkan tells me Holland is great and he has lived there all of his life. I don’t think that I will go to Holland  because I am very old and I have lived here happily in the shelter for a long time.

Volkan told me a nice but sad story. He once had a Turkish dog called Dunya who he took to Holland from the streets of Turkey and Dunya lived with him for all of his life and made Volkan very happy. Regrettably one day poor Dunya suddenly passed away which made Volkan very sad. Volkan missed Dunya very much and one night he had a dream in which Dunya was asking for his help so when Volkan awoke he decided he was going to find a way of helping dogs like Dunya in Turkey.

Volkan found out about our shelter on something called the internet and sent us something called an email asking if he could come to help my friends and I. Everyone said ‘yes of course’ so he flew in a noisy thing called a plane a great distance and here he is with us at the shelter.

Volkan spends his days with us dogs here in the shelter cleaning and tidying and taking us for walks. One day he helped to catch a poor Mummy dog who was lost with her two puppies. He also spent one evening helping Sina and Grace taking dogs to the airport. Volkan is a great friend to us and after he has to go back to Holland to do something called work he has promised to come back to help us again in the Spring.

What a nice man!


Rescued Puppy 1

Volkan the rescuer

Rescued Puppy 2

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An Everyday Story From Our Shelter

By |2019-09-30T15:56:09+03:00September 30th, 2019|dog rescue, gocek animal rescue, rescue, shelter, vet|

This my friends, is a story that is very familiar to us all, week in and week out, at the shelter. It is a story of how bad my human friends can be but also the goodness that comes from many of them and helps all of us dogs to continue to have faith in them as our friends.

This is one of our new dogs called Dostum which means ‘your friend’ in Turkish. He was dumped as if he were a piece of rubbish in a most terrible condition. He was covered in what are called ticks and fleas which we are told can kill us dogs in a very horrible way.

Dostum was probably only fed on something called stale bread if he was lucky. My friends and I don’t know what stale bread is but apparently bad humans give it to their dogs all of the time. Can you believe that?

Anyway Sina took Dostum to our very kind friend Aynur the vet, who fixes us when we have pains in our tummies and stops us getting things called things called coughs and diseases. Aynur was very shocked at how bad Dostum was so she gave him what is called a ‘big shave’ and got rid of all the nasty ticks and fleas. She also fixed some bad wounds that he had on his body. He looks a bit different now but at least he is eating. Aynur says he has something called anaemia and has to be on something called a drip until he is better.

Dostum is now doing  much better and a very kind human who came and saw how badly treated he had been has very kindly offered him a nice new home with some other dogs who have also had a bad time.

Now for an everyday story in our lives at the shelter that started so badly, isn’t that a nice ending?


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How to fix a dog ………..

By |2019-08-23T14:30:02+03:00August 23rd, 2019|donkey, rescue|

Hi Dear Friends, I have a great heart-warming tale for you today. It’s the story of how we fix a dog.

Several months ago now a new dog called Peder arrived to join us dogs in the shelter. The poor boy was in a terrible state; he was very scared, very quiet, and he looked horrible. After our kind vet Aynur had seen him she said that he had something called mange and leishmaniasis. He was also very very skinny.

Our human friend Sina told us that leishmaniasis was a terrible disease that is caused by a tiny sand fly that you cannot see and it is very difficult to prevent and although the symptoms can be treated it is incurable and the animal with the disease has to be carefully monitored and looked after for all of its life.

Sina said that leishmaniasis is spreading amongst many animals all around a thing called ‘the Mediterranean coast’. I have no idea what that is but apparently it is a thing called blue and it is very wet and humans like swimming in it. If leishmaniasis is not treated then the poor dog will certainly die a very nasty death.

Mange is a horrible skin disease caused by parasitic mites, they sound yuch!

Apparently the leishmaniasis and mange showed that Peder had been very badly looked after by his humans before he came to the shelter.

Anyway Sina and her helpers looked after Peder very carefully and gave him lots of medicine and guess what? He is a new dog!

My human friends said those words again about Peder’s medicine …….. what is it again ….. I remember now ……. ‘Very Expensive’


Peder on arrival at the shelter.

Peder today …… a new dog.

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Oh no the donkeys got a lump!

By |2019-08-07T19:53:27+03:00August 6th, 2019|donkey, rescue|

Dinkey Our Lovely Donkey

Laying Dinkey Down

Caring For Dinkey

Arrrgghhh There’s The Hole

You may remember the excitement when we had a new different kind of animal called a donkey when it was rescued from the middle of the D400, a very busy motorway going through Gocek.


Well we had a bit of a scare last week when Hilly, the kind lady who looks after Dinky the donkey, called Peter to say the donkey had a big lump on its side. Hilly said she thought it was a thing called a hernia, which apparently is a terrible, terrible thing where a bit of your tummy tries to come outside. Can you believe it? It made me and several of my dog friends at the shelter feel quite ill, we had to go and lie down for a bit to recover.

Anyway Peter called Sina, who called Murat, who called a special thing called a Donkey Vet that is supposed to be good at fixing up Donkeys.

The next day everyone went to Hilly’s place high up in the mountains above us and the thing called a Donkey Vet came too. You will never guess what he did next? He shaved Dinkey the Donkey. We thought she was going to get something called an operation not a haircut and a shave, what were they thinking of?

But then it got very scary indeed. They tied lots of ropes around Dinkey’s legs and they made her fall over onto a nice soft duvet. Sina and Murat sat on her to keep her still and Hilly stroked her head to make her feel better. Then, and this bit makes me feel ill again, the Donkey Vet took something called a scalpel and cut a hole in Dinkey! He said he found a tear in her cartilage which was probably caused by Dinkey rolling about on a stone or a rock. What a silly donkey! Next the Donkey Vet sewed the hole back up with a needle and thread, Peter wondered if the Donkey Vet could sew up holes in socks, he would probably be quite good at it.

Next thing Dinkey felt a bit better and everyone helped her to stand up again. Hilly says that she is still in some pain but Sina has arranged for some special pain killers which are something called ‘very expensive’

Peter said that all of these things are needed to keep the Dinkey in good shape and he wondered if any of our kind friends would like to so something called ‘sponsoring’ to help look after Dinkey in her lovely new home high in the mountains.

I am still feeling a bit ill from all of this, and so are my friends so we need to lie down again for a bit.


The Dog Wanted To Watch

The Cat Didn’t

All Better Now

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Back Home Safely with Some Surprises

By |2019-07-20T17:31:22+03:00July 20th, 2019|evacuation, fire, firestorm, forest fire, rescue, shelter, stadium|

Well my friends we have had a very exciting time just lately but all of us dogs are back at the shelter and no harm seems to have been done. All of my dog friends and I are very tired and still a bit worried about what happened with the fire so we are mostly resting and sleeping in the shade.

My human friends Sina and Grace do keep disturbing us though. They are doing a thing called counting and they keep doing it over and over again. Then one of them comes along and says ‘That dog is in the wrong kennel’ and the dog gets moved somewhere else. After a lot of counting Sina and Grace started jumping up and down and getting very excited.

They told me that during the fire and the evacuation and living in the place called the stadium for lots of days we hadn’t lost a single dog! Can you believe it? Then they said that we had what they called a bonus; we had three new dogs and two new donkeys. How good is that? The new dogs and donkeys may have been frightened by the fire or dumped by their humans but they will be OK and we will look after them now.

We have called this dog Huhu, until he gets a proper name.He is a big softy and we love him already.

How about this sweet little thing? He is living on the bungalow balcony with all the little dogs at the moment.

This new friend walks like a cowboy, he is a very proud dog who likes to follow his nose.

Our new donkey friends, mother and daughter, aren’t they sweet?

Thank you so much to all of you kind humans who gave us lots of money to pay for everything to do with the fire. We are very grateful to you.

Love from Akkus

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HELP – Firestorm All Around Us !!!!!

By |2019-07-12T15:52:04+03:00July 12th, 2019|evacuation, fire, firestorm, forest fire, rescue, shelter, stadium|

The firestorm is coming

Get ready and fast

Quick as you can

Cars, Vans, and Trucks travel through the night

I am Akkus one of the oldest members of the dog shelter, I am mascot and the reporter of all news.

On a day called Wednesday as the big orange thing in the sky was going to sleep all us dogs noticed a very strange and strong scent in our noses. Then the sky started to go very dark.

All of a sudden all of our human friends that we see every day came to the shelter in their noisy things called cars all at the same time. Something very strange was happening but we didn’t know what. We don’t like strange things we don’t know and we started to get very scared. Then we heard a clicking sound above our heads and one of my clever dog friends said it was a very scary thing called a helicopter.

Then our human friends all came into the shelter and they were running all over the place getting all the dog boxes and putting them on the ground near the gate. They said there was a thing called a firestorm coming and we all had to get out fast!

Then more and more and more humans came in things called trucks and vans. Some of the humans said they made it through the fire before the forest road was closed by humans called policemen and firemen.

Our human friends came into our kennels and took us one by one out to the boxes. They were being very fast, running like the wind, and tying our collars with things that were called ropes and torn up sheets. We were all getting more and more scared but we trust our human friends so we were very good and went quietly with them. They put us in cars and vans and trucks and we went fast through the night over the mountains where the road was still open.

Then we came to a funny place called a football stadium and we were all so scared and tired we went to sleep with our human friends giving us water and watching over us during the night.

In the morning we woke in a very strange place. It has something called grass, it is a colour called green and it feels nice on your feet. We like it. Guess what? We were told that there were 100 of us dogs all in the same place and all together, no kennels, just all my friends and I on the grass together. We tried to be good but one or two of us got a bit cross and grumpy but mostly we were all very good and kind and calm.

Our human friends worried for two days that our shelter would be burned down but now they tell us it may be OK and we hope we can go home soon even though we like the green stuff called grass.

The friends rescued all of my 250 friends in something called two and a half hours and I think they did a good job, we are all safe and well.

Although we dogs are safe we have been told that the environment near our shelter is badly damaged and many of our little wildlife friends have died. This makes us very sad.

It costs a lot of money for us dogs to be staying in many dog hotels, clinics, and many other places; not just the football stadium. The humans say we need lots of money to help with this terrible disaster, we may have to stay away from the shelter for many days.

Can you help us please?

Love from Akkus

It’s a bit hot in this stadium

Human friends looking after us in the stadium

This is me Akkus with some of my friends

What’s this green stuff we are running on?

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