How unlucky Lucky became lucky again

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Video showing the amazing surgery on Lucky’s leg

The rescue is on!

Hi Friends

This is the story of a sweet, funny and friendly dog called Lucky. Lucky lived on the streets in our local town. Lucky made many friends and even though he had owners he was mainly taken care of by the kind people in the cafes, restaurants and on the streets.

One day Lucky was shot in the leg with a gun. My human friends at the shelter and in the town did not know who did this or why it was done but they all came to his rescue and took poor Lucky to the vets for surgery and recovery. Lucky’s owners did not seem to care and would not pay for Lucky’s vet bills at first, but were eventually persuaded to pay by some of my caring humans from the shelter and the town.

Lucky hobbled a lot with his poorly leg for some time but eventually he returned to his previous life enjoying the company of his dog and human friends in the town. Despite his experience he remained a happy friendly dog very eager for affection and friendship.

A few weeks ago, some of our humans discovered that Lucky had been dumped on a local beach many kilometres away and left alone to fend for himself, begging for scraps of food from the few tourists there and with nowhere to shelter. My humans came to his rescue and took him back to the town to resume his former life. Unbelievably Lucky was found dumped again on the same beach a few days later, so my human friends decided that enough was enough and Lucky needed the care of my dog friends and my humans at the shelter. He went to the vet first to be checked out and treated for any problems. He is with us now as bouncy and friendly as ever, what a great new friend.

We dogs cannot understand how some humans can be so cruel when all we want to do is love the humans and make them happy.

In the end things have turned out well for Lucky, he will be sheltered, fed, and cared for and who knows, one day maybe he will get a new home with some loving human friends. Let’s hope.

If you would like to sponsor Lucky or you are a local family who would like to foster him then please contact us

Love from Billy

Video – On the mend but hobbling at the vets

Away from the deserted beach and back to town

Our new friend Lucky safe and sound with us at the shelter

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Super Yacht to the Rescue

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The Crew and Helpers

Lots of Walking

Hi Friends

I must tell you all about a fantastic thing that happened at the shelter the other day.

A lot of wonderful new human friends came to visit us. They are something called a crew (I don’t know what that is) from something called a Super Yacht (I don’t know what that is either but it has something to do with water). There were 10 of them and something called a captain.

They all love us dogs and they came to take around 100 of us for such a fun time having walks along our beautiful mountain trails around the shelter. They are such kind human friends and they also brought us lots of medicine and bedding to help keep us healthy and warm during the winter.

We had such a good time playing and walking with the crew and the captain that we had to have a long sleep afterwards.

My human friends at the shelter say that the crew are going to be staying in Gocek for some time so they will be coming to visit us again, we dogs can’t wait for that day to come.

If any of you friends that read my blog or anyone else wants to come dog walking in our beautiful place then please send me an email at My human friends at the shelter will arrange everything for you and help you on the walks. Our shelter is a very friendly place and we will all make you very welcome.

Love from Billy

And More Walking

Dogs and Walkers Resting

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More puppies in the forest

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Lucky our new friend

Hi friends, today I have a sad and happy story to tell you about puppies living in the forest.

One day a couple of weeks ago a kind person who was on holiday in the area was passing by a bridge not far from our shelter when they noticed a puppy in the forest. They were worried that the puppy was on its own and may need some food and help.

They went to get it some food and sure enough it was very hungry. While they were there, they noticed two more slightly bigger puppies hiding nearby. Fortunately for the puppies they were living near a fountain so they had plenty to drink and wouldn’t get thirsty in our very hot summer.

The kind person sent what is called an email, I don’t know what that is, to my human friends at our shelter telling them all about the puppies and asking them for help. My human friends went to the bridge and managed to catch the puppy and bring it back to the shelter. They also took some videos of the other puppies hiding in the bushes, there were at least three of them.

The kind person wanted to call the new puppy ‘Lucky’ because it was lucky to be rescued. Lucky was very timid at first hiding in the corner of her quarantine room but now she has come out of her shell and is happy to meet and be playing with all the other young dogs and puppies who were all very curious and keen to meet our new little friend.

One of my human friends has been back to the bridge many times to feed the dogs that are still there and he says there are at least eight young dogs living there. We will be trying to catch them as soon as we can but for the moment they are OK because when it is warm and they are being fed that is not a big problem. My human friends say if they get any older we may have a lot more puppies to catch so they need to be something called ‘sterilised’. I don’t know what that means but it sounds like a big deal to me. It will be winter soon and we need to keep them warm and safe with us.

The kind person who found Lucky has been even kinder because they are doing something called ‘sponsoring’ Lucky which means they will be sending some small amount of money every month to help pay for Lucky’s food and something called vets bills. They are also asking their friends to make something called donations to help us all. If you would like to sponsor or donate please or use the button below or send an email to

Love from Billy

This is where they live, its not very nice.

Puppies in the forest

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Hi Friends of Akkus………..

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My name is Billy and I am one of Akkus’s many friends at the shelter. I am afraid I have some very sad news about our dear friend Akkus as he recently passed away to the Rainbow Bridge. He was looked after very well by our human friends with good medicine that relieved his pain and kept him calm. He will be sadly missed by us all as he was the oldest dog in the shelter and had been with us for a very long time.

Our Beloved Akkus

Before he passed, Akkus asked me to take on the job of what’s called being the mascot of the shelter. All of my dog and human friends said that this was something called a ‘great honour’ so I am very happy and humble to accept. I should say that I am about three years old and I used to live on the streets of Gocek near here. Unfortunately, I have been told that I was a very naughty dog sometimes as I liked chasing cars and motorbikes and sometimes scared people who did not like me. Despite the fact I had very many friends in Gocek the people in charge of the town said I had to go to the shelter so here I am.

I live in the big garden in the shelter with all my friends and I run free most of the day. Don’t tell my dog friends but I am really the boss around here in the garden. If they are naughty, I box their ears and I help the new dogs to find their way. The best thing for you my friends is that I see most of what is going on so I can tell you lots of stories. Also, because I am in the garden if any of you come to visit, I will be one of the first dogs to greet you and show you around.

More news coming soon.

Love from Billy

This is me ……. Billy

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We have some new human friends to help and ………..

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Dylan Tan cuddling puppies

Mavi cuddling puppies

Well it’s getting a bit cooler in Gocek now, thank goodness, August was so hot and we have all been very worried because there have been so many fires here but fortunately we are all fine just now at the shelter.

We have been getting some new help around the place during the long summer from three lovely new friends called Dylan Tan, Sam, and Mavi. I have been told that they are something called ‘young’ and I think that is the opposite of something called ‘old’. They are so kind to us, they play with the puppies and older dogs, they groom some of my friends who have got very messy by swimming and rolling around in the dirt, and they take lots of us walking up the mountain and back.

Dylan Tan wants to be a vet when he is older and he says he would like to come and be our vet in Gocek and help fix us when we are broken, I like the sound of that. I am not sure what Sam wants to be but I know he sails boats so perhaps we could go sailing with him one day as us dogs love the sea. Mavi wants to be an artist when she is older so maybe she will paint some nice pictures of us. Will we be able to sit still for long enough I wonder? maybe not.

They are so happy to see us and we to see them, we need more fun young human friends like them as all of the old humans are a bit slow and boring by comparison. Come along and join in the fun if you live near us in the Gocek area and love us dogs. Give my human friends a call or something called an ‘email’ they are very friendly and will tell you how you can join in.

Sam playing with Lady, a very loving dog

Dylan Tan and Sam having fun with some older dogs

Love from Akkus

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What a lucky dog he is

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Welcome my friends I have not been able to write my blog on the computer for some time because my paws are getting very creaky these days and I can’t manage the keyboard so well, but more about that later.

This dog is called Karabortlen, one of our new friends that came to us at the shelter quite recently. As you can see from the pictures the poor dog had such terrible mange that his fur was almost completely gone.

He came to our caring vet, Aynur who did a great job with Sina’s help giving him lots of special medicine to start making him into a proper dog with fur again. Although he is now with us in the shelter he is still being given a lot of very expensive medication to make him into a perfect brand new dog. If you could help us with a small donation we would all be so grateful.

Karabortlen is such a lovely dog considering all of the terrible treatment that he received from bad humans, we are all amazed that he is now such an affectionate happy dog that loves to meet us dogs and humans too.

Back to my creaky paws again. I am afraid to say that I am getting quite old now and I cannot do as much as I could. I keep falling over and my bones are very creaky. Don’t worry as all my kind human friends look after me very well and I get pain killers which fix me up pretty well.

It is very hot here at the moment but I can lie in the shade with lots of cool water to drink. I think I prefer the sun to all of the terrible rain that my human friends have had in a place called Europe.

Bye for now.





Love from Akkus

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How the lucky dog got even luckier

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You will remember my friends the story I told you last time of Sevda the poor dog who was so badly stuck in tar that she could not move and had to be rescued and cleaned up by kind humans.

As you know after that terrible experience she spent some time getting better in our shelter then she was lucky enough to fly to Germany in the search for a new home. We have just heard fantastic news that she has now found her forever home with kind humans to look after her for the rest of her life. Isn’t that good?

See her in the video below playing with toys in her new garden, and a picture of her in her new bed, doesn’t she look happy?

By the way I know that a lot of you have asked about the poor tortoises that were stuck in the tar with Sevda. They were all taken to a special hospital to be cared for but sadly two of them were too badly injured to survive. Happily I am pleased to say that the other three are alive and well.





Love from Akkus

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How a very unlucky dog turned into a very lucky dog

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Today’s story starts in a very bad way with a poor friend of mine called Sevda.

Sevda and some tortoise friends of hers were found by lots of human friends stuck in a big pile of sticky black stuff called tar. I don’t know what tar is but my human friends at the shelter say they make something called roads with it. Poor Sevda could not move because the tar was so sticky and she had to be dug out by a big noisy thing called a digger. Then humans were bashing all around her with axes and spades to help her escape. She must have been very very scared. Watch the video below to see how she was dug out.






When she had been dug out she was still stuck in lots of the tar so she was taken to our lovely vet called Aynur who spent a lot of time with her helpers cleaning and freeing poor Sevda. These are some pictures and a video of her being cleaned up.






Once they had fixed her up she looked like she had been pulled through a forest backwards and stuffed in a washing machine but she was free and healthy as this picture shows her with us just afterward in the shelter.

Many weeks passed of her having loving care from my human friends and look what a lovely beautiful dog she turned out to be.

The German association Glücksfelle e.V and their supporting friends, supported Sevda’s treatment by collecting donations for her. Thank you so much on behalf of Sevda and all of her human friends in Gocek to Glucksfelle e.V and friends.






Now the best part of the story begins because Sevda is flying in a big noisy fast thing called an aeroplane to meet her new foster parents in Germany. Isn’t that good? Here is a video of Sevda walking in the airport on her way, she looks as if she has been calmly travelling through airports all her life.





That my friends is how a very unlucky dog turned into a very lucky dog.

Love from Akkus

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A very happy and heart-warming story from our shelter today

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Nearly 6 months ago one of my little Beagle friends called Bijou flew to Germany to start a new life with a new Mummy and Daddy.

Not long after she arrived in her new home in St Andreasberg Bijou managed to escape and began an incredible journey across Germany and Holland living on her own sleeping rough and foraging for food and water.

She was spotted many times by many people and the word went out near and far on social media with people posting hundreds of flyers to try and find her.

During this time many people have been involved in the search for her including dedicated teams in Germany (Tieroase Birkenschold e.v. Wagenfeld and Hundesuchhilfe Ostfriesland) and Holland (Honden Zoekgroep Noord Nederland).

The rescue teams got very close to catching her several times with their traps but Bijou managed to escape every time. So many people were desperate for good news about Bijou.

Then a few days ago we had bad news that someone thought Bijou had been hit by a car.

Today, dear human friends, we had the best possible news, Bijou had been caught in Rastede near Oldenburg in Germany. She seems to be well from her photographs but we will know more soon.

Love from Akkus




Love from Akkus

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Is this puppy number eight I wonder? What do you think?

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Hey human friends. You will remember me telling you about the seven or eight puppies in the forest the other day. Well I could only count seven puppies in the video and we wondered where puppy number eight might be hiding.

Well we think the answer is that she is hiding in the house of my human friends Grace and Peter.

She was found in the forest all on her own by someone who knew nothing about the other seven puppies. We think she wandered away from her family and got lost. When she was found she was taken to the vet who thought she had been wandering in the forest without food for about 10 days. She was in a terrible state covered in ticks and fleas and she was very hungry and thirsty.

Now she is living in a nice warm dry house and she has a dog friend called Findik who she plays with all day and much of the night, only resting for some tasty treats now and again.

Isn’t she pretty? Now all my human friends have to do is catch the other seven and get them safe as soon as they can.

All these puppies are costing us a great deal of that stuff called money. Please help us now by donating if you can.

Thank you and love from Akkus


Love from Akkus

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